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My production diary April 27, 2010

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What I did in the production:

  • Research/ Recce (taking pictures)
  • Storyboarding
  • Recording
  • Acting
  • A big part in Editing
  • Target Audience

My Audience Feedback

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I gave feedback to:

Luke, Chris,Dylan and Matt

Siobhan and Charlotte

Jake and Conor


Evaluation Draft [updated] April 19, 2010

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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

By using one character within our media project this allows there to be little interaction between any other characters. With only one character this emphasised our storyline of there being an empty place and no sign of movement. There is a sense of a theme which runs throughout the production and this is clear throughout the production. By having a wide range of features which runs throughout the production genre this creates the viewers to be interested into the film by continuing the stock narratives and themes of a mystery and horror.

 With there being a theme throughout the production this provides there to be a wide range of stock settings which have been suited towards our set genre. By using dark alleys, lonely places, deserted houses, deserted areas, parks and streets this creates the set up of the loneliness of the character and the mystery of how the characters have suddenly woken up to a disserted live. By using a certain character which influences and creates the genre of the film. Although there is a wide range of characters which can be used within this genre of mystery and horror we decided to use one person to have to work out exactly what happened to why it’s only them in the situation. We also feel that by having people missing throughout the scene this creates there to be tension for both the character and also the audience.  Following the examples of or genre in films which are alike our film which we wanted our production to we looked at I am legend which is where we got the idea for searching for friends this made us have a icon within our production which would fit in well. We also looked at 28 days later as this had the confusion and uncertainty as to what happened in the past as this fits well into the genre of our production.

 By using ideas from other productions this gave us the chance to advance the idea and change to adapt to our theme and narrative. By using 28 days later and I am legend this gave us a platform into creating our final piece by developing our ideas from the productions this allowed a way to feedback to features which we liked to get information from the features. By using the disserted streets which are shown in I am Legend which influences the start of our production as these influences our ideas within the fact that by having disserted streets which would normally be busy can show a dramatic change within the situation. By using long shots we were able to emphasis the effect of the empty streets and are also able to show the points which we want to show.


How does your media represent particular social groups?

With our media product representing a result of the night before this can misrepresent the misuse of alcohol within teenagers and this also creates factors of stereotyping which is shown as the misinterpretation of all teenagers who enjoy getting drunk and are normally disorderly behaviour although we don’t sure the true affects of alcohol we do show the morning of a heavy night from the characters night before. By attracting a teenager to young adults we feel that the end result showed this well as a being a good audience. With many features which may attract the audience. For example a young teenager waking up from a night before maybe an eye opener for teenagers as this may track memories of their weekends.

What kind of media intuition might distribute your media product and why?

As our production is an extremely low budget film this creates it hard for a distribution to choose exactly how they are able to create the factors of the idea of the production. By being a low budget film this means that there is a set standard to which the production can be made on with our production only having one main actor this means that the main actor could be a well known star to allow there to be a market into the film. By having a high known distributor to distribute the film this may cost a lot of money but with a well known actor within the production this will promote the production.

Who would the audience for your media product?

In addition to our production being a low cost production there is our target audience is the age of 15-25. As the certificate is 15, that is the minimum age for our film. As a group we have decided to have a 15 certificate because although the film is a mystery. There is also some use of drugs misuse and the use of alcohol.
By choosing the age 15-25 will go to see the film as it would appeal to this age range as there are the elements of mystery. We feel that it could appeal to a teenager market as they would probably go to watch the film during the weekend or in the evening with a group of friends. With there being all the factors which fit in well with how there is a wide range of points which appear in the age categories.

How did you attract/ address your audience?

I felt that there were many features which we used to allow the audience to keep involved aswell as continuing along with the story. By using a wide range of camera shots for example when the character walks out of the front door. With keeping the audience attracted it means that they were able to feel that they would be interested in watching the rest of the media product.

Overall the feedback from the audience feedback show a very possitive feedback to our production although there is many points which as agroup we could of added to make the production even better for example a soundtrack. I felt that the feedback was very useful and made me look and my own performance in a different point of view as a audience.

What have you learnt about technologies from constructing this product?

By using all of the different range of the equipment I feel that I was able to gather a wide range of technical knowledge which I was able to apply which producing the production. The cameras were fairly easy to use and by practicing with the equipment by filming the final production meant that I was able to get the best out of the camera and the other equipment which we used. By using the editing software in the Macs this has allowed us to produce a professional looking end result with there being a wide range of factors which means that we were able to use a few factors within the moviemaker.

Looking back at the preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

From this production compared to the preliminary task I feel that I have learnt many ways into making the production successful. With the preliminary task being very disorganisation and with a lack of group discussion this meant that there was a last minute things which could have been done. From the preliminary task I managed to change where I was able to feel that I may struggle in this task.

In this task we were able to plan a lot more what we felt needed to be done and also when these tasks can be completed. By working in a three this meant that we were able to arrange times we were all free and take a fair share into all of the tasks. The good use of timings did mean that at the end before the deadline we were able to concentrate on getting the last minute features to make the production look professional.


Critical Evaulation of preliminary task & Video March 9, 2010

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For this task we managed to get a group of 4. This seemed to be a good idea at the time but later on found out that I wouldn’t be keen on being part of a big group any other projects which we would be set.

For most of the filming there were only 2 or 3 of us which turned up to every filming session and had a fair share in taking part in using the equipment. When we finally got out of school to start filming we managed to film for a short amount of time when we had problems with the lighting of the set with it quickly becoming darker this lead to there being a wide amount of difficulty in managing to set the camera angles to be perfect the first time we filming. We therefore had to change our idea for our task to allow us to overcome this problem.

I feel that next time i will spend more time planning the shots of the film as this was extremely basic and there is a wide range of shots which we could of used to allow the final piece to be perfect. With a short amount of time to complete the final piece this meant that it felt rushed so if given the time there would be alot more improvements which could of be improved.

When it came to editing we had problems which meant that with members missing we had to try and decided which points we should cut and which should be left. Without all members there this meant that there were many points where we were unsure where to cut and add effects in.

We finally finished our task with a wide range of points where we felt that as a group it may not be the best idea for us all to work together but then we found factors where we worked well together. I enjoyed taking part as a group and to work with a wide range of people who had different abilities.


Textual Anaylis of I am Legend March 1, 2010

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From the first few moments of the scene, the atmosphere is set with the non-existence of dialogue and only the sounds of wildlife in the background connotes that there is little movement from city surroundings.


With a series of long shots of the city reveals the empty. With mid-close up shorts show lifeless streets within the American suburbs. With dull lighting this creates the atmosphere of an early morning within the suburbs. With an aerial view this creates a view of how the emptiness continues through the rest of the city. Expect a movement from one car which is noticed between the skyscrapers and the sound of the engine of the car.


With the scene moving straight to the character Robert Neville who was holding a gun which can show insecurity or a sense of danger within the scene. With the mid-close up shot of the character that seems disorientated from the atmosphere of the streets. The mise en scene of the scene carries on to show how there is still a deserted street with a long shot of the car which Robert Neville is driving and wildlife scattering before the car as reached them. With the long shots of the car freely passing through the empty roads shows that there is a stand still in the city.

With Parallel editing this moves the scene quickly from the empty streets to the car with Robert who is inside the car with a gun. This shows that although there are desolate streets there is still one person and a car which is lifeless.

 With a small amount of dialogue with his friend the dog which is sat next to him shows that there is little conversation which is able to be past between the dog and Robert. This is shown by using shot reverse shot where there is camera movement from Robert to the dog.

With a long shot of the car driving through the streets this connotes that there is unnatural freedom there appears to be no normal conventions that run our lives in operation. Traffic lights ignored no-one near the abandoned cars, empty streets and they are only wildlife and the car which seem to have existence.


Hello world! February 22, 2010

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